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How often should you get a full body check up

Regular blood screening is a significant component for the prevention of various kinds of illness. A blood test holds the potential to catch the health problem before diseases becoming uncontrollable and untreatable.

Tests to be covered in a regular health check up:

  • General physical exam

  •  Lipid profile kidney function tests

  •  Liver function tests

  • Blood glucose

  • Urine examination

  • Complete blood count

Are you are a woman over 30? Go for

  • Pap smear test
  • Thyroid profile
  • Complete blood count
  • Vitamin b12 and folate
  • Vitamin d and calcium

Health experts generally recommend that everyone should go for regular blood tests at least once a year

Dr. Saradha, Ph.D

Dr. Saradha, Ph.D

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