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Do you still believe high fibre biscuits are healthy?

High fibre biscuits are no doubt rich in fibre than other regular biscuits but not necessarily  low on fat or low calorie.

 One single biscuit contains as many as 67 calories. These are not healthy calories which will help you lose weight. Rather these are calories which will hamper your weight loss.  They are full of unhealthy fat. A lot of vegetable oil/palm oil is used while making biscuit. One  digestive biscuit contain somewhere around 3 to 5 grams of fat. Loaded with sugar, a single digestive biscuit contains about 5 gms sugar. So, while you think these are healthy and consume more, indirectly you’re adding a lot of sugar to your daily intake. They are full of refined flour. The flour used in digestive biscuits may not be refined, but it is definitely semi-refined. Bran is the source of all the fiber. And whether it is ragi or wheat, grain loses most of the bran when made into flour.  These biscuits are high in sodium. The content of sodium is quite similar to a pack of potato chips. So, digestive biscuits can be just as unhealthy as a pack of potato chips. People with high blood pressure should strictly avoid these so-called healthy biscuits.  After all it is also a processed food, full of preservatives and in no way healthy. Any packaged foods which have a shelf life longer than a week must be avoided. They have high levels of synthetic preservatives in it.

 BOTTOM LINE: Digestive biscuits are only a tasty way to keep hunger pangs at way. They are no better, probably worse, than any other regular biscuit. While buying such biscuits don’t judge them by name alone, must check the ingredients list to get the true picture.

Dr.Saradha Devi MS

Dr.Saradha Devi MS

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