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Runner’s Raid

1. Single Leg Squat – Builds movement control and strengthens the Quads as well as challenging Glute Max, Med and Min

2. Side-lying Abduction with resistance – A nice option for more isolated Glute Med work which can be very beneficial when it’s weak or linked to pain or pathology

3. Single Leg Bridge – This challenges the Hamstrings, Glute Med and Glute Max and is easy to vary depending on your target e.g. extend the knee more to bias the hamstrings

4. Single Leg Calf Raise – A simple yet very effective way to strengthen the Calf that’s easy to progress with weight or regress to double leg

5. Single Leg Deadlift – Recent research (Collings et al. 2023) has shown this is a great way to challenge the Gluteal muscles with Glute Max, Med and Min all having high peak muscle forces during this exercise. It also works the Hamstrings and balance too so it’s a good all-rounder!

6. Split Squat – If runners report tight quads or hip flexors I like to load them in a lengthened position using a split squat. It helps this tightness and also strengthens the Quads and Glute Max.

Dr.Saradha Devi MS

Dr.Saradha Devi MS

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