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Dear teens, You NEED to sleep more!

When we don’t get enough sleep, we limit our ability to think clearly, The result,: more emotional thinking. By nature teens are more emotional and less sleep makes it harder for them to process the emotions. So stop the scroll, turn off Wi-Fi and get some good rest, this will make difference in your life

This is a problem for adults too. Late nights dinners and scrolling social media leads to less effective at work,  shorter temper with our kids, spouses and colleagues and unable to focus on anything

Here are the few tips for better sleep:

v Create a dark room, darkness stimulates pineal gland to produce more of the miracle hormone-melatonin

v Use an eye mask

v Keep your serum magnesium levels optimum

v No screen one hour before bed

v No caffeine post 6 pm

vGratitude journaling can be followed before bedtime

v Finish dinner at least 2-3 hours before bedtime.

                                              Dear Teens,
Go to sleep
                                        your brain and body needs it

Dr.Saradha Devi MS

Dr.Saradha Devi MS

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