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Work Stress And Your Gut

Human gut is a complex organ. It is a Second brain in our human body.  Did you know that the human body contains three times as many bacteria in its stomach as cells? These bacteria communicate  with the body to facilitate food digestion, guard against illness, and control mood. But too much stress might have a detrimental effect on our digestive systems.

Every email, meeting or deadline might be sending signals to your digestive system.  Many days we are busy with stressful meetings. Have your ever felt butterflies during meetings or during presentations? That’s the gut brain connection in action. Stress can trigger immediate responses in our gut. People are used to skip meals due to back to back meetings. Irregular eating and not stick to time can disturb the gut, especially for those with IBS. Working for later hours or taking work home can disrupt our body’s natural rhythms leading to flare ups. 

Balancing career pressure with self care can help manage symptoms.

Always LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, TAKE BREAKS and Prioritize your health

Seek Health Care Professional when needed.

Dr.Saradha Devi MS

Dr.Saradha Devi MS

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